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The company THERMOVAL POLSKA was founded 20 years ago and from the beginning specializes in electric heating systems. The range of products offered by the Company is systematically expanded with the implementation of new technologies, development of markets for products and services, and expansion of Company structures. We are pioneers and experts in the market of electrical heating products for both residential and industrial buildings. The aim of the company is to continually create the best, most competitive offer to the full satisfaction of our customers, according to the principle: highest product quality – competitive price – professional service – fast implementation. Our experts offer their knowledge and experience to support the realization of our client’s needs and dreams. We offer you products of the highest quality, meeting all criteria set by national and European standards. The company’s offer currently includes electric floor heating systems, i.e. heating mats under panels and tiles and heating foils, anti-icing protection systems, a wide range of electric heaters of various capacities, air-conditioners, heat pumps and thermoregulators, and temperature sensors. We promote innovative solutions and respond to all our customer’s needs for electric heating systems.

Confidence and experience

Over 20 years on the market, thousands of products have been sold and completed projects.

Customer satisfaction

The experience gained guarantees usability, safety and expected benefits for customers.

A warm and cozy home

Thanks to our products, home becomes a friendly place to return to.

Convenience and comfort

Intuitiveness and ease of use are benefits of the solutions we provide.

Thermoval products

Heat pumps


Monobloc Type Thermoval Heat Pump

This air-to-water heat pump utilizes energy from the air for space heating as well as domestic hot water. It is equipped with a DC inverter compressor with EVI technology, which allows for increased refrigerant pressure at the compressor outlet.


Monobloc Type Thermoval Heat Pump

The monobloc type heat pump comes with a fully integrated refrigeration installation and a hydraulic module. The innovative double-door design allows for quick pump servicing, while the modern controller ensures access to system performance monitoring as well as settings adjustments.


Split Type Thermoval Heat Pump

The Split type air-to-water heat pump is an efficient and energy-saving device that absorbs heat from the surrounding external air for central heating and domestic hot water preparation.

InfraAir conditioners


Cassette Air Conditioning Set by Thermoval

The Osaka series cassette air conditioners are designed for installation in various types of suspended ceilings or in ceiling construction casings. These air conditioners are intended for both cooling and heating of rooms.


Multisplit Unit by Thermoval

The Tokio series multisplit air conditioning unit is a modern design, intended to power 2, 3, 4, or 5 indoor units. It is adapted for both cooling and heating various types of rooms.


Thermoval Air Conditioning Set

The Sakai wall-mounted air conditioners are energy-efficient and easy-to-use devices that don’t require much space and ensure an ideal room temperature in a very short time.


Thermoval Air Conditioning Set

The MISHIMA series is an advanced model of air conditioner, equipped with numerous useful features that ensure the highest level of user comfort.

Heating mats for tiles and panels


TV TT 50 mat, 170 W/m2, single-sided powered

The complete Thermoval set includes all necessary components required for the proper installation of electric underfloor heating. An eco-friendly new generation textile mat, model TV TT 50, with a power of 170 W/m2, and an electronic, recessed temperature controller TVT 33 Wi-Fi.

  • Easy installation in adhesive



WT 2010 AL mat, 150 W/m2, single-sided powered

The complete Thermoval set includes all necessary components required for the proper installation of electric underfloor heating. A new generation heating mat, model WT 2010 AL with an aluminum foil screen, with a power of 150 W/m2, and an electronic, recessed temperature controller TVT 04 ED.

  • Dry installation


PTC heating films


TV PTC foil set, 120 W/m2

TV PTC foil set, 120 W/m2,
with TVT 31 controller and mounting accessories
The complete TV PTC heating foil set from Thermoval includes all necessary components required for the proper installation. A new generation heating foil, model TV PTC, with a power of 120 W/m2, and an electronic, recessed temperature controller TVT 31 Wi-Fi.

  • Can be cut
  • Can be installed in the wall


DHW heaters


Electric storage water heater with Wi-Fi by Thermoval

Adapted for vertical or horizontal mounting. Operated via the TUYA Smart / Smart Life mobile app using Wi-Fi. Three models available with capacities of: 50 l, 80 l, 100 l.

  • Titanium electronic anode, ensures anti-corrosion protection of the tank for up to 25 years
  • ECO function
  • Modern and attractive design, slim casing


Infrared heaters


Infrared FIR panel radiator by Thermoval

The Infrared FIR panel radiator is a white frameless panel heater with Wi-Fi control option using the TUYA app.

  • LCD display
  • Temperature setting memory function
  • Remote control included
  • Voice control capability with Alexa and Google Home
  • Plug and play electrical connection
  • Available powers: 350 W, 520 W, 700 W.


Wired thermostatic controllers

TVT 33

Wi-Fi temperature regulation

Thermoval TVT 33 Wi-Fi, is a modern regulator equipped with an LCD touchscreen and a 2.4G Wi-Fi wireless control module via the TUYA Smart app. The main purpose of the device is to work with electric underfloor heating. The unit can additionally be used with electric underfloor heating, underfloor heating, or air-conditioning systems.

Convector heaters


Thermoval convector heater

Reinforced construction of the housing made of galvanized sheet metal, resistant to moisture, powder coated. Convenient wall mounting, bracket and legs included.

Anti-icing systems


Self-regulating heating cables

Self-regulating (variable resistance) cables from the TV ELSR series are designed for various types of applications aimed at protecting structural elements of buildings or industrial infrastructure against the unwanted effects of frost and snow.

Voltmax SARL

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