Floor heating

Floor heating

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The design and implementation of modern interiors is disrupted by traditional heating devices hang on the walls. That is why designers tend to hide disturbing elements of the heating system, so that they are possibly least visible or even completely hidden from sight and do not spoil the aesthetics of the room. Also for this reason, a growing popularity of underfloor heating systems which are completely invisible to the user was observed in recent years.

Electric floor heating has this advantage over other systems that it is cheap to buy and cheap to install, it is maintenance-free and has a thermal efficiency close to 100%. Moreover, the comfort of warm floors, optimum room temperature and low exploitation costs are also undeniable advantages of these heating products.

Let us convince you!

The Advantages:

ic4 System can be adjusted
to current weather
ic6 Power efficient
with temperature
ic7 Low maintenance costs
ic3 Reduced repair costs
of building veneer and
gutter installations
ic5 Usage seafty ic8 Environment friendly solution


Product categories:

Heating mats
Heating cables
Temperature controller
Complete heating sets