De-icing Systems

De-icing Systems


Domek fixedWhat are the advantages?

The use of electricity to eliminate snow and ice from roofs, drainpipes, downspouts and other surfaces is the best and most effective method of all currently used.

Traditional methods of removing snow and icing (such as shovelling, crushing, salting, etc.) are not very effective. Snow and ice loads can not only cause damage to pedestrian pathways, driveways, installations and constructions but also be a threat to health of their users. Salting is harmful to the environment.

Come and find out!

The Advantages:

ic4 System can be adjusted
to current weather
ic6 Power efficient
with temperature
ic2 Unobstructed gutters and drain pipes,
snow and ice free roof,
sidewalk, garage ramp
ic1 Dry, snow and ice free surfaces ic7 Low maintenance costs ic8 Environment friendly solution


Product categories:

Heating mats
Heating cables
Humidity and temperature controllers
Temperature controllers